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Born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in Bradenton, FL, my interest in application development began early in middle school with the (then) ubiquitous geocities and angelfire, which began my long love affair with programming. After discovering MMORPGs I began creating bots for Ultima Online using a psuedo-code language called EasyUO based on the Pascal programming Language. When I realized that I could easily make extra spending money by expanding my small program I began adding additional bots and additional programs, which led to the creation of my first company Rivers Rescources (huge Weezer fan at the time!) After several years I moved onto other games and other languages. I eventually became an avid user and (occassional) contributor to the wildly successful MMOGlider.

After experiencing a market collapse for the third time when MMOGlider was banned and shuttered, I decided it was time to move away from part time jobs and part time scripting. Luckily, I had my marketing degree to fall back on. Unluckily, I've realized several years later that I preferred the Coding over the Cubicles, the Stylesheets over the Spreadsheets, and the Admin Console over the Sales Tracking.

After graduating I spent time waiting tables and a stint selling timeshares in Orlando. I moved to Newnan, GA to give the Atlanta job market a shot. I landed a sales job at a small medical tech company specializing in collection. After attempting to create a better CRM for our sales team I was approached by the COO who noticed I was "pretty good at excel". I moved to the File Team and eventually moved my way up to Data Integration Engineer.

Eventually Georgia was no longer where I was meant to be! I sold my house, said my goodbyes and landed a coveted position as a student at App Academy in San Francisco. After 12 weeks of crashing at a friend's place, I have learned more than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time (undoubtedly more than I had learned in the 20 years prior on my own). I'm now looking for a Junior Rails Developer position and I couldn't be happier with the direction my life is headed!


What I Use


How I Learned

University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration Marketing - Graduated: 2007

Through my coursework at the University of Central Florida I gained valuable knowledge about how the business world works. I understand the importance of corporate policy and sound business models. I'm excited to take this knowledge and apply it however I can to my vocational shift.

Pertinent courses: Computer Science, Java Fundamentals, Business Systems Technologies, Managerial Information Systems, and JavaScript.

App Academy - San Francisco

Crazy amount of knowledge and a dizzying respect for development - Graduated: 2014

My time at App Academy has, by far, been the most fruitful, productive and efficient education I have ever received. The coursework was vast, the deadlines were fierce, and the selection process was extreme. But... I made it through and I'm ready to start the rest of my Journey

Pertinent courses: Ruby, Rails v4, Backbone.js, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, OAuth, Caching, SQL, Devise, PostGreSQL, SQLite, WEBrick, Javascript, HTML5


Where I've Been

App Academy

Student / San Francisco, CA / 2014 - Current

At App Academy we challenge ourselves to learn as much in-depth information as possible about the latest and greatest web technology. With an extremely selective application process, App Academy ensures that all graduates are able to jump right into the field as a Junior Web Developer. Teaching students a full stack (ruby, rails, javascript, html, backbone.js) gives us great versitility to continue contributing and learning at future employers.


Data Integration Engineer / Newnan, GA / 2010 - 2013

SMAC is a medical technology company specializing in Medical Collections. As a Data Integration Engineer my responsibility was to manage the data flow between our clients' Practice Management System into our custom web applications' databases. Additional duties included attending executive management meetings, assisting customer support with data related queries, managing the department workflow via SharePoint, and building automation software.

Rivers Resources

Founder / Bradenton, FL / 1997 - 2010

River Resources was a company I founded in middle school (and subsequently fleshed out) that sold virtual goods from MMORPGS. Writing "bots" that would simulate gameplay, I collected resources and resold them to other gamers. As need arised, I would purchase additional computers, change games and programming languages, and even hired staff for a short period in College. When the market began to move towards "Farmers" in China I sold the programs to a developer in the Philippines and liquidated my equipment.


What I'm Doing

Please note that I am currently in the process of updating my portfolio and organizing my repos


Task-style reconceptualization of a standard calendar.

Built using a Rails v4 backend, Backbone.js single-page archecture, and styled with CSS3, bootstrap and jQuery UI.

( Live ) ( GitHub )


Simple web version of old-school Snake game.

Built using Rails (for simple heroku deployment), HTML 5 canvas, Kinetic.js, and Javascript ( Live )


Trello clone using rails, backbone & jQueryUI.

( Live ) ( GitHub )


Very basic version of Asteroids. Expect updates to this project over time.

Asteroids built using JS and Canvas ( Live )( GitHub )


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1061 Market St #4, San Francisco, CA 94103